The Meaning of Taste Chérie

As a company founded by two sisters, the concept of family is always close to our core. Our family has always responded to life's challenges and stresses with unwavering support and the comfort of a home-cooked meal. These deep-seated values inspired the birth of Taste Chérie. The French term 'chérie' embodies the love and dedication we infuse into our products, mirroring the care we extend to mothers everywhere.

Taste Chérie is not just a brand; it's a commitment to nurturing and elevating breastfeeding mothers and their loved ones. Through heartwarming stories, valuable advice, and our delicious lactation treats, we aim to empower and support mothers on their breastfeeding journey in an informative, enjoyable, and compassionate manner. Join us as we celebrate the bonds of family and the love we put into every bite.

Meet The Fam

Jess + Lauren Gould
Sisters + Founders

Though we live very different lives, as sisters we have always united around family, food and wellness. 

Jess is a board-certified, full-time Internal Medicine physician, as well as a mother of two. She enjoys solving puzzles, cooking, traveling and unwinding with her kids. Her true calling is caring for others and nothing gives her more joy.

Lauren is a Creative Director with a background in advertising, marketing, fashion, and public relations. She enjoys entertaining, exploring the world and all things design.

How We Started

The concept for Taste Chérie was guided primarily by Jess’ experiences navigating her job as a full time hospital physician and a breastfeeding mother.

After Jess returned to work three months after her first baby, the variable hours and shift from direct feeding to pumping caused a significant dip in her milk supply.

She was excited to discover lactation cookies, but unimpressed by the offerings. Most were unhealthy, rock-hard, or simply unpalatable, while they lacked quality ingredients or any medical backing.

She shared her frustrations and yearning for a better product with Lauren, whose creative mindset and imagination led to the creation of Taste Chérie.